DGA watches “mudanceras” but clarifies not affect US food shipments

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) said today that will not be affected shipments of boxes and tanks unmarketable food from the United States and other countries to relatives in the Dominican Republic using the mode of transport of calls “mudanceras” (shipping), which monitored. agencies

The DGA said that shipments of boxes containing food and other items of daily use have a humanitarian and social component to thousands of Dominican families, so there should not be any uncertainty.

“The DGA supports, recognizes and identifies with the humanitarian, social solidarity and sense of such shipments,” said the DGA in a document published tomorrow in major national newspapers, and the media forward today.

Customs warned, however, that the measures it is taking to regulate this type of traffic grocery, via the so-called ‘Mudanceras’, is largely due to the danger of committing unscrupulous practices as they are carrying arms firearms, ammunition of different calibers, military equipment, and a profusion of money, among other items, by several of these agencies in clear violation of what established customs and border trade laws.

“These illegal practices constitute an attack on citizen security and social peace of the Dominicans. Use transport shipments of boxes and tanks food to enter the country firearms, ammunition of different calibers, narcotics, money from drug trafficking and money laundering and goods that have prohibitions constitutes a threat to the nation “established customs.

Faced with these eventualities, the DGA “will maintain its unwavering position to fulfill its responsibility to protect the population, combat customs offenses and enforce the law without distinction”.

He said that all goods entering the national territory, for commercial purposes, are subject to duties and import taxes, unless the law expressly provides otherwise or the goods so imported, benefiting from suspensive special schemes or liberatorios of such payment.

The DGA, through official conducting the capacity in Customs arrival and reporting food shipments to relatives, warns that each shipment must contain visibly, the name and address of the person to whom it is intended said shipping in the country, town or community.

In turn, invited the mudanceras companies ( “Shipping”), its officers or representatives, to make their best efforts to ensure that shipments carrying, in their capacity as auxiliary of the customs function, made in the framework of the law.

He explained that illicit identified in these transactions denature the humanitarian and social character that has been specifically attributed to food shipments in aid to residents in the country for their relatives abroad Dominican families, denature the function thereof .

Customs stressed that in the case of goods which qualify under the temporary admission for inward processing, the regime of free zones (industrial or commercial), temporary importation for return in the same state or after processing, are freed from paying taxes .

The DGA said there is no law or regulation equivalent provision that provides that the companies “mudanceras” (Shipping), are exempt from duties and taxes on goods imported under this system for commercial purposes.

He adds that article entering the country in this condition with commercial value, must be paid and must pay taxes that eventually imposed import, unless the law expressly provides otherwise.

Source: 7dias.com.do.

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