The General Direction of Customs (DGA) launched the AEO (OAS) country program in Santo Domingo

The General Direction of Customs (DGA) launched last March 21 the AEO (OAS) initiative arising aimed at improving competitiveness, trade facilitation and security of exports in international markets program.

The new program has been supported by the World Customs Organization (WCO), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the US Embassy. UU. in Santo Domingo, customs of both the US and Spain and the collaboration of the Dominican private sector. Also they involved in the act representatives of major national agencies such as the DNCD, Environment, Public Health, Ministry of Agriculture, among others.

The president of the OMA, an organization that regulates the legal framework for the facilitation of customs trade and global policies, noted that there are more than 50 OAS’s force of 177 countries that make it up, of which over 30 are in Europe . He also mentioned the importance of integrating the efforts of customs in the different countries and their interaction with the private sector, as in the case of China, the US and Canada and more than 9 programs in the Caribbean, leading good practices security and trade facilitation.

It is certified by the Customs Administration which is intended to ensure and facilitate the logistics chain in exports and imports private sector mechanism. One of the main virtues that the program has is that companies that achieve the accreditation and certification receive the benefit of their goods are released from airports and ports with greater alacrity. It includes reducing physical and documentary checks of shipments, easy to perform checks on the premises of the operator, priority clearance and enabling fast lanes.

Camilo asked on the spot to the various actors involved in trade assume the commitment to adopt the OAS-RD certification, meaning that it is an opportunity to set the country on paths of a more agile and secure controlled trade. I support this call President ADOEXPO, Kai Schoenhals, during his participation at the event he highlighted the multiple benefits that certification represents for the whole chain, both internally (in the country) and the main destinations of exports.

According to information from the DGA more than 50 entrepreneurs expressed interest in participating in the pilot, but only 12 operators were selected based on the selection of the survey, analysis of the data provided, and other criteria. Within these, 3 exporters: Brugal & CO, MERCASID, and Banamiel GROUP; 1 importer: NESTLE DOMINICAN; and other operators such as Maritime Dominicana, Dominican DHL, Haina International Terminals, etc.

The bodies that make up the advisory committee are: ADOEXPO, BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Comerce), ONAPI, CONEP, RNTT (National Road Network), CEI-RD, AIRD, ADOZONA and AMCHAMDR.
The AEO program is part of the priority projects of the Strategic Plan of the DGA, with the approval of the new Customs Act and deposited in the National Congress, the draft Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE), and accession of the Dominican Republic to the Kyoto Convention as the first Western country, among others.

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