They work on building merchant law. Also they seek fleet of ships with the private sector

The Government, through the Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD), works for about a year in a law-regulation of merchant marine, which includes the creation of a fleet for the private sector to invest in it.

The project is under final review to be sent to President Danilo Medina, said the executive director of CEI-RD, Jean Alain Rodriguez, during his participation in the meeting Listin Diario in Globalization, which coordinates the economist Juan Guilliani Cury, for this section of Economics & Business.

The operation of a merchant marine increases the dynamism of international trade and investment, and hence its importance.

He noted the growth of 5% over the 2014 investment, and appreciated that despite the global context exports in 2015 had decreased slightly in the first quarter of this year recorded growth.

Similarly, he recalled that the global economy has slowed, yet, “against all odds Dominican Republic has managed to maintain its export level.” He argued that if mining is excluded, construction, and two or three items that are international “commodities” in new exports would be positive. He stressed that despite the ban on agricultural products imposed by the United States, the closure of Haiti, drought and the decline of many economies, Dominican exports recovered and have kept growing during the January-March quarter this year , which is the last thing you have. Only exports of agricultural products grew 2.9% was added.

Export Invites RD 2016

Rodriguez also urged to participate and visit the fair RD Exporta 2016 will be held in the SANSOUCI port during the 28th and 29th of this month, where there is patterned over 3,500 business meetings and reach buyers from more than 40 countries worldwide . There will be 250 stands (cubicles) with displays of all kinds of (agricultural, industrial, services) products.

Be treated, he said of the first multi-sector fair that will be in the country. The inaugural event was invited President Danilo Medina. He disclosed that there is a strategic plan to export through an export culture, and training, since the formation of exporters has increased from 1,200 to 6,000; working in a higher quality of goods and services with quality certification schemes hundreds of producers; and greater participation in fairs, which is evidenced by the fact that tripled the participation of people traveling abroad for these purposes. He said the show “Produce Market Association” (PMA) in Anaheim, California, United States, have brought projected sales of up to US $ 50 million.

Rodriguez highlighted the collaboration of entities such as the Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD); Adoexpo, Herrera industrialists, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others.
In the same way, he indicated that nearly half of buyers have been provided by the ambassadors and consuls, and in this respect pointed out that the French embassy and the consulate of Guadalupe have contributed more than 30 buyers each and embassy Panama over 20. the entrance will have a symbolic cost of RD $ 250 and hopes that every day 10,000 people attend, and is the largest fair in the Caribbean region.

Investments grow:

Dominican Republic continues to attract foreign direct investment significantly. More than 1,000 investors per year have been receiving in the country, and last year alone the behavior of foreign direct investment (FDI) increased 5%. There is interest from large retail chains to settle in the country and there is also interest in an automotive industry, new hotel chains and investors in the financial system, said executive director of the CEI-RD. This month reported a new Colombian-Venezuelan bank investments.

“Investments are going very well. President Medina has done a formidable task, because while in most countries of the region investment has fallen in the Dominican Republic has increased, “the official said noting that taking into account the behavior of the past 10 years, largest investor remains the United States, followed by Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Mexico and Venezuela. In 2015, he said, FDI was US $ 2.221 million.

While in the past five years a share in the sectors of trade and services with 27%, tourism 14.5%, mining 12.9%, real estate 12.5%, electricity 10.6%, telecommunications stands 7.9%, free zones 7.9% and financial with 7.4%.

SOURCE Listin Diario

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