About Us

VIRASA SERVICES, S.R.L., is a company duly incorporated under the laws of the Dominican Republic, formally registered in the National Registry of Taxpayer No. 131043119.

We are a company specialized in providing professionalized company related to the whole process of Foreign Trade (Customs Management, Freight Forwarder and Transport), and for them we have a team of technicians and professionals specialized in each of their areas.

We offer an efficient and effective service with the goal that our client may break away completely the process or issues relating to foreign trade in order to devote himself to his business and rest on our shoulders and our service experience.

We focus on offering our customers the security, Trusts, Quality, Price and responsibility in our services.


  • Fully satisfy our customers, providing excellent service and consultancy as Agency.
  • Customer provide the best and most competitive market price
  • Seek to provide a flexible service-oriented to the needs of our customers and provide a high level of professionalism and efficiency in our work.


  • Achieve market leadership, increasing the competitive advantage of each client.
  • Position ourselves as an organization with the highest standards of quality in our services.


  • Responsibility
  • Experience
  • Efficiency
  • advisory
  • Competitive rate
  • Honesty
  • Advanced technology
  • Communication

Quality policies

Our Quality Policy aims to maximize customer satisfaction, while maintaining quality and personalized service seriously and attachment in a legal framework.

To achieve this our management bases its processes and activities in the quality of service, which undertakes to allocate the necessary resources to continuously improve the efficiency of System Quality Management, implementing the monitoring and maintenance of this Policy.

Service policies

Our service policy is characterized by providing a personalized and highly committed to customer satisfaction with a great capacity for flexibility attention, allowing us to have a better adaptation to the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition to providing all our capacity to contribute to their operations.